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I will walk dressed and armed, with the arms of Saint George. Why do not my enemies having feet reach me, having hands do not catch me, having eyes they do not exraise me and not even thoughts they could have to do to me badly. Firearms will not reach my body, knives and lances will break without to my body to arrive, ropes and currents will be broken without tying my body. Jesus Cristome protects and defend me with the power of his Holy and Divine Grace, the Virgin Maria de Nazaré, cover me with his Sacred and divine mantle, me protecting in all my pains and afflictions, and God with his Divine Compassion and great power, be my defender, against the cruelties of pursuits of my enemies, and glorious Saint George, in the name of God, in the name of Maria de Nazaré, and in the name of the phalanx of the Divine Holy Spirit, his shield stretches out and you sweat them mighty cancel, standing up for myself with his strength and with his greatness, of the power of my enemies carnaise spiritual and of all sweat bad influences, and that under the paws of his loyal thoroughbred, my enemies they be humble and submissive to you, without if atreverema has a glance even what could damage me. So be with the power of God and of Jesus and of the phalanx of the Divine Holy Spirit.
Amen !!!

AMÉM !!!