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*Product of the Mind # Produto da Mente*

Product of the Mind

If you want to keep on being manipulated,
know that there is a high price paying.
If his mind is stipulated to a society of worse quality.
Consider and be freed of that what they
face his mind like their part of the business.
' The sun is the best disinfectant'

' As it is my intention to write useful
thing so that to be interested,
it seemed to me more convenient
the truth looked for the effect of the things,
of which because of them it is possible to imagine '
N. Maquiavel, The prince

' Como é meu intento escrever coisa
útil para os que se interessarem,
pareceu-me mais conveniente
procurar a verdade pelo efeito das coisas,
do que pelo que delas se possa imaginar'
N. Maquiavel, O príncipe